LibreOffice Conference Add-On – Update of Views

During the last weekend I met with other volunteers for an admin weekend in the LinuxHotel in Essen. We talked about and worked on some admin tasks, e.g. I worked with Alex on the add-on for the conference site and added some features. It was much easier to work in a (little) group on that add-on and we had some fun with the results.

And today I added some features to the views of the add-on. I found out how I could create hyperlink to content that is connected via a relation-field. E.g., I implemented a link from the view of a program-track to the room and the speaker. This objects are created not in the same folder as the program, the tracks and talks.

I uploaded the sourcecode changes to my github repository ( today. They will be available on the development site for the conference add-on ( soon.