Registration Form for the LibreOffice Conference

The LibreOffice conference will take place in Berlin this Oktober. I’m part of the organizers team and I’m working on a conference organizing tool. We use for the conference website the CMS Plone and I developed an add-on for this CMS from scratch. During the last days I worked on an implementation of a registration form for the conference. I finished my work on a first beta of this form today, once I added successfully a ReCaptcha to the form.

If you want to test the form you can do it on the development site for the conference add-on: There is an entry „Register for the conference“ near the bottom of the site. You can send your feedback to the mailing address on the front page of the development site or write your feedback into the message field at the bottom of the form.

Conference Site – Check of Email-Address

We use for the next LibreOffice conference a new Plone add-on. It is running on I’m currently working on a registration form for the conference. I’ve done a bit of the work during my vacation but there are some features missing especially the protection of the form with a captcha.

But there are some other missing features. Today I found out how to validate an email-address and added this feature to my development environment on our TDF-Server. It worked fine for me.