My Home-Hackfest: new Development for LibreOffice Templates-Website

I created a site for the LibreOffice templates last year. The site uses Plone with an add-on product „Plone Software Center“. This add-on works with the objects „project“, „releases-section“, „release“,  „downloadable file“ and „linked file“. This structure is easy to understand for a developer but makes it a bit more difficult for a contributor that would only provide a template for LibreOffice. Thus I decided to rework the template website some time ago, but I had a lack of spare time for the necessary development.

Some month ago I heard and learned a bit about a new content object framework for Plone that should make many development steps a bit easier, the Dexterity content types. I used this new framework to setup the LibreOffice conference website with an add-on for managing the conference program (from Call for Papers to the schedule) (it will need some improvements for the next conference). The conference is over now and I got some space for the development of a new template-site add-on. I just started with a new add-on on the ground of Dexterity. It will provide a multilanguage feature (translatable pages). I started with an overall structure of the new product and developed some Python modules and their views. I read through the slides and content of a training (class) at the Plone conference 2012 and learned another way to create Dexterity  content types. I used this knowledge for the further development of the new template-site add-on. I created a page for a file upload in a different way that makes it easier to create a template for displaying the content (see a first screenshot below). I use currently no special style for the site (page). It’s pure Plone style.