Moving LibreOffice Plone Sites to a new Server

The Document Foundation rent for the LibreOffice project a new more powerful server for the website services. This meant that the LibreOffice extensions- and templates site and the conference site had also to move from the old hardware to the newer one. Because both sites are already running on Plone 4.2.4 the migration was relative easy. I created a new virtual python environment on the new server first. Then I made for both sites their special policy package. This packages contains all add-on that should be loaded into the sites. Once I had done that I worked on a buildout script respectively two with the data for creating the zeoserver with currently two instances. I placed this buildout scripts into an environment that I bootstraped with a special file that I downloaded from a Plone server. The bootstrap script created the necessary directories.

The last step was the call of the buildout process via the executable buildout and the switch with -c and the name of the buildout script, e.g. ‚bin/buildout -c zeo.cfg‘. This took a bit and everything went well. The new Plone environment was created.

Once this was done I moved the database (Data.fs) and the blobstorage into the var directory of the new instance and fired the zeoserver and the instance up. After some test of the new site Florian switched the URLs, and to the Plone environments on the new server. The sites are much faster now due to the more powerful hardware.