LibreOffice Extensions- and Templates-Site – Fixed an Issue

Today I came across an issue with adding downloadable files that occur with the migrated site. I had to investigate the traceback that I get and remembered that there was a similar error message long time ago. I looked into my email archive and found the thread about this issue with Caolan. I run the instance of the Plone site in foreground mode (fg) and saw that the site used the wrong package without our patch. I changed this and the site works with the patched add-on. The issue with adding a downloadable file to a release is gone now.

LOPDFConverter – LibreOffice PDF Converter – New Version

I worked on the LibreOffice PDF Converter project (a command line tool to convert office documents to PDF using LibreOffice in headless mode) a bit more. First I had to reconstruct my build environment with Netbeans 6.8 and Java 1.6.x and the OOoAPIPlugin. But that doesn’t work out of the box with LibreOffice, because Netbeans and the plugin didn’t know anything about LibreOffice. It was easy to fix the missing link to the JDK and the I could also inform the plugin about the link to LibreOffice and the SDK, but there were some build dependency missing. I search about the topic of LibreOffice and Netbeans and stumbled across a very helpful blog entry:

I had to add the following jars:
ridl.jar and
from my <LibreOffice_Home>/ure/share/java) manually to the classpath of my project.

Once I did this all the dependy were fulfilled and the LOPDFConverter.jar was created. I uploaded a new version of this java program to the project site on

Direct downloadlink:

I moved the project source from the old svn repository to a new git repository.

LOPDFConverter – LibreOffice PDF Converter

I created the project LOPDFConverter at some time ago. It’s a jar-file that was started from the command line with „java -jar LOPDFConverter <options> <filename> and uses LibreOffice in the headless mode to convert a file (in a format that could be read by the office suite) into PDF. If you want to know about the available options type „java -jar LOPDFConverter -h“ and you will get a long list with short descriptions.

The little Java program LOPDFConverter is written by Andre Schnabel and myself and can use all the options that are available in the pdf export dialog of LibreOffice. LOPDFConverter makes it easy to create pdf files with specific settings without special instructions of the service user about them. E.g. it is posible to create all pdf documents in the format of PDF/A and imbed the used fonts.

The Java program LOPDFConverter uses the power of LibreOffice and its rich set of file import filter. LibreOffice is therefore known as  the swiss knife of the office work.

You can download LOPDFConverter from:

There will be a new version soon.

LibreOffice Extensions Site – Form to Request an Account

The admin team of the LibreOffice team discovered in the last weeks that there were some issues with not used accounts on the extensions and templates site. The team decided to look over this accounts and delete especially the not activated and change the setting of the site from self creating of an account to asking for an account.

I’ve created a new add-on with a form for this. Everyone who want to publish an extension project on the LibreOffice extensions site could ask very easy for an account with this form. The form could be called from the site action of the LibreOffice extensions Plone site; e.g: