Extensions-Website: Cleaning up User Accounts

The LibreOffice extensions site hosts a repository for extensions that works with LibreOffice and are published under a free license. The site was very popular and thus many people created an account on the site. There were more than 7000 accounts in the database but not all users created an extension project or send in a comment to a project. Because it is only necessary to create an account if you want to contribute to the site by a new project / extension or by useful comments the admin team decided to disable the self registration on the site and create a form to ask for an user account. This form is very easy to use and the contributor will get an account within short time.

But there is the historic burden of too many unused accounts. I worked together with Erich and Uwe to clean up the user accounts in a first round. We brought them down to about 4400. I created a spreadsheet today that contains all users that contributed to the extensions-site up to now. All user accounts that are not in this spreadsheet will be deleted in the next weeks. This is the next step to improve the performance of the site.