Creating an Plone Environment with Vagrant

I read about a new method to create a Plone development and test environment on a mailing list some days ago. I started with the installation of Virtualbox and Vagrant yesterday. But I run into an error message because there is an issue with Virtualbox 4.2.14 and importing appliances without manifests. I found a workaround / fix  for this problem:
I had to go to ~/.vagrant.d/boxes/MyBoxName/virtualbox and doing there on the command line „openssl sha1 *.vmdk *.ovf >“

Then I could download and unpack coredev.vagrant from I went inside the directory coredev.vagrant-master and run vagrant up. Then I left for a coffee and when I got back the virtual machine was created.

Once this was done I created a Plone environment using the common buildout method. I typed ./ buildout into the command line and the buildout process started. Because of a timeout I had to run the buildout command a second time. The Plone environment inside a virtual machine was build successfully. I could start the Plone instance in foreground mode with ./ instance fg. I could start a browser and found my Zope-Plone-Environment at http://localhost:8080.