LibreOffice Conference Site: Room-Display completed

The LibreOffice conference site is running on Plone with a self developed Dexterity add-on, that contains the special content types for a conference, e.g. speaker, program, track, talk, workshop and room. There were currently a missing feature. The room was not displayed on the view of the talk and the workshop type. I fixed this with hints from the Plone community. The rooms were set in the track content type and the talk view get it with a function from there.

The LibreOffice conference site got this addition via buildout this morning and the rooms were shown on the view of talks and workshops now.

Extensions-Templates-Site: Work on Tickets and the Account-Request Form

I worked through the support tickets of the LibreOffice extensions and template site again today. I created some accounts for volunteers that wanted to contribute an extension or template. I stumbled again over a minor issue in the mail template of the Plone add-on that creates the mail to our ticket system. I fixed this issue and commited it to the repository. Then I run buildout to update both websites with my fixes.

LibreOffice Conference Website

I worked on the LibreOffice conference website in the last week. I added the program with  three parallel tracks per day and a lot of promising talks and workshops to the Milan conference website. The whole program is online on the website now:

There will be also some community meetings next Tuesday. A list of them are available on a site that I created as a Plone Dexterity content type through the web:

The view of the content type of this site is not customized yet. But all necessary information are available now.

Testing Collective.cover

I read about the Plone Awards 2013 and stumbled over collective.cover. I looked a video about this add-on and was keen to test it out myself.

I set up a new Plone 4.3.1 instance with a virtual Python environment and buildout. Everything run fine and I created a new Plone site with this add-on. I added a cover to the site with one of the available layouts that gave my site a structure. Afterwards I could add elements to this structure and fill them with content. It’s a very good product to make it very easy to create a new page and position the elements on it. It’s later also very easy and intuitive to add new elements. I could position and resize them with mouse actions.


Work on LibreOffice Conference Plone Add-On

The LibreOffice project use a Plone site with a self developed add-on for the conference organisation. I worked on this add-on today and added a new type for breaks (lunch-break, coffee-break etc.) to the list of allowed types of a track.

I created this new type already but it was not available at tracks. I fixed this bug / missing feature today.

Kill the Democracy by Intelligence Service Actions?

I read about the work and collection of data that the intelligence services NSA and GCHQ do and I wonder if they are killing our parlamentary democracy. They are doing their work with the money of the citizens and with the vote of the government.

If I remember the story of the novel nineteen eighty four of George Orwell I think we might some steps further yet. The services collect nearly all data from the internet to try to control everything.

This is a real issue because every citizen have the right to decide on the personal data and what he or she want to give away (publish) the services violate the basic rights. It doesn’t matter where they do it in the internet, because nobody could secure that his data go only inside the network of his country. Thus every government has to insist that the violation of his citizens stops. And the work doesn’t stop once the services tell they are white hats now. The government has to investigate the whole situation and work on actions to stop the violation of citizen rights immediately. They misjudge their job, which they get time-limited from the nation, if they declare the subject for finished or if they make the nation responsible for the violation.

The topic is not finished and if the government and the services will not stop the violation of the basic rights and the fundamental right to freedom of expression (without fear) the legitimation of democracy will finish to exist.

Life is always a bit risky. The same counts for freedom 😉

New Templateupload-Site-AddOn – Debugging and Fixing Issue with Ranking

The LibreOffice templates site uses Plone with some add-ons. Because I want to make the process to provide a template for LibreOffice easier I began to work on a new add-on for Plone with a more flat structure.

The new add-on should also provide the option to rank a template. I use the already available add-on cioppino.twothumbs for this. But I got the newest version (1.7) not to work. I tried it with older versions today and this solved my issue. The versions 1.5 and 1.6 displayed the portlet with the two thums (up and down) to vote on a template. Thus the feature is implemented now. But there are some remaining tasks to finish the add-on for a first public beta test.