LibreOffice Extensions Repository – Current Status of a new AddOn

The LibreOffice extensions site is running on Plone with some addons. I’m currently working on a new flat structure of the site with new content types and views. I worked first on the structure that has only three content types instead of five now. The user (contributor) had only to create a project and could add releases with files to that project then.

I finished my work (draft status) on the content types for the contributors (project and release) first and drafted a view with features for the extension center in the last days. You could get the current status of the add-on from the github repository of the Document Foundation:

I’m looking for a resource where I could set up a test environment of the new site. A virtual machine will be created for this purpose by our admin team in the next days.

LibreOffice Extensions-Repository – Work on Home/Center View

The last days I drafted views for the project and the release view of the improved LibreOffice extensions center. There is the top-level view or home page of the new center left. I’m currently working on this view (page) and created some parts of the view, e.g. a link to start with a new project and a web form to search for projects / extensions releases, but the view is not finished yet and will take some time to get in an early draft status.

LibreOffice Extensions-Repository: Draft of new Views – Part 3

The new structure of the LibreOffice extension site could use a more flat hierarchy with three content types: the extension center, the extension project and the extension release. In my last blog post I described and showed a draft of the view of the extension release content type. I worked on the view of the extension project and you could see in the screenshot below what the draft currently looks like. There is currently no layout without the hard coded styles of the table at the bottow of the site. The screenshot should only show the fields (information / links) that will be displayed to the user of the site.


LibreOffice Extensions-Repository: Draft of new Views – Part 2

I had a discussion on the LibreOffice website-mailinglist the last days about the new LibreOffice extensions website and we developed the idea to create a more flat hierarchy of the new site. Thus I created a new set of python modules with that structure:

  • The Extensions Center
  • The Extension Project
  • The Extension Release (with the options to choose and upload extension files)

I added also new views to this modules and worked on the one for the release first. This view uses only the default view for the created entries. It should only show the fields that are available. I made a screenshot from a release with a list of 6 files and another one with no extension file. It shows that empty files are not presented.

The screenshot below shows a release with six files.


And the next screenshot shows a release without a file yet.


I’ll work on the views of the other modules the next days.

LibreOffice Extensions-Repository: Draft of new Views – Part 1

The LibreOffice Extensions site is currently driven by Plone and an add-on called Plone Software Center. I’m working on a new add-on for the site that is based on the Dexterity content type. Here are the first two views of the new content types that I developed.

The screenshot below shows the view of the new release page (draft).


This content type is a container which holds all files that could be downloaded for a release. The owner / creator of a release add this files on a special content type. The public view of that content type is shown below.


I’ll follow up with further details about this and the other new content types.

LibreOffice Extensions Site – New Plone Add-On

The LibreOffice extensions site is currently working on Plone with an add-on that is named Plone Software Center. There are some complaints from users about missing features or usability. Thus I decided to rework the LibreOffice extensions site and its structure. First I work on a new add-on for the site with new content types (modules) based on the new Dexterity content type framework. I created inside this add-on five content types to get the structure. The structure is hierarchy:

  • ExtCenter
  • ExtProject
  • ExtReleasesSection
  • ExtRelease
  • Downloadablefile

The new content types has already some fields and I’ll post some information about each of them and show some screenshot in the next days.