A second and final Day at didacta

The LibreOffice team at the didacta changed a bit today. Hillrich left yesterday and Dieter joint us. We had again many interesting talks with teacher and people from the education sector. Many of them were interested in the Math module and DMath in particular. We got the feedback from some experienced users that they loved the features of Math and count it a big value of LibreOffice.
A lot of visitors asked questions about the project and we convinced many visitors to give the office a try. We could help also all user with questions about features of the product. My coclusion: it was worth to go and present at didacta.

didacta First Impressions

The LibreOffice and FrODeV (Freies Office Deutschland eV.) has a booth at the fair didacta for the first time. We (Ellen, Walter, Hillrich and myself) talked to many teacher and other people working in the education sector about different topics today. The overall tone was very friendly and the visiters were always interested in the product, the project and the foundation. I heard about the interesting talks of Gisbert with visitors about the LibreOffice extension Dmath which is very usefull for teaching of and working in Mathematic.

ODFAuthors Website Maintenance

The ODFAuthors site (http://odfauthors.org) is used by a group of volunteers that write user documentation for ODF office suites. The site is running on Plone, currently version 4.3.2. It was updated from Plone 4.1.x in the past but there has been an issue with the virtual Python environment of the site. Thus I worked on a rebuild of this virtual environment and created a new Plone instance using buildout scripts afterwards. The process worked very smoothly. It takes for the whole process only less than an hour and the site is online back again now.