Buildout for Extensions-Templates-Testsite created

I worked on the buildout for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates testsite yesterday. I created it on a resource of the Document Foundation, that I got from the infra-team. I had to make some minor changes to the buildout and fixed some issues in one of the Plone add-ons. But finally the new environment was created and the instance starts without any issues in debug mode.

The remaining issue to get the new testsite online is an open port in the firewall. I think I’ll get that from our infra-team soon. Then I’ll do the last steps to create a Plone site and publish the links to the site on the website mailinglist. If you want to help with improving / testing stay tuned and have a look on the website mailinglist.

Some Plone coding for Template and Extension Website

I currently very busy with my paid work and thus I not much time to work on code for Plone add-ons. But I used a bit of my spare time to make some finger exercise and coded a bit for fun on two add-ons for the extension and template website. The current status is available in the github repository of TDF ( The add-ons are not finished yet (you’ll never finish a software package, will you?) and there are some tasks left.