Samsung Galaxy S Plus with CyanogenMod 11

The Samsung Galaxy S Plus runs a bit ancient Android operating system: version 2.3.6. That version lacks on some features of current Android OS (especially for permission management) and there are also some apps that are only available for version 4.x, e.g. the RedminePM app to get connected with the Document Foundation Redmine task list. Thus I decided to try an update to a newer Android OS version via CyanogenMod (CM). There were no official port for that yet, but I read in special edition of c’t that they run that mobile phone with an unofficial port without any relevant issues.

Because I had no experience with installing a new firmware onto a mobile I got some issues and it took me about a week to get the necessary information and some hints to get CM 11 onto the mobile. But in the end I was successful and CM 11, the latest stable Android OS version, is driving my mobile since some days without any issues. I was able to install RedminePM and some other useful apps. I could the camera of the phone and I was able to use my Samsung smart phone to make phone calls and send SMS 😉