LibreOffice Extension Site Renovation

The LibreOffice extensions site is currently running on the Content Management System (CMS) Plone with some add-ons. The main add-on that drives the management of the extensions, is the Plone Software Center. It has been developed by the Plone community for their purposes. It is a feature rich software but it has some hurdle for newcomer. Thus I decided a time ago to develop a new more flat add-on for the LibreOffice extensions site and the LibreOffice templates site as well. I made some progress in the past and worked on an add-on on the basis of Dexterity content types. The add-on consists of three Dexterity content types from top to bottom:

  • ExtensionUploadCenter (EUC)
  • ExtensionProject (EP)
  • ExtensionRelease (ER)

The EUC is a folder with the configuration management. The EP’s will be created and live inside this EUC. Every EP hold some information about the user project. The user could add as much ER to a project as he loves. The ER holds the information about the release (more than one downloadable file / extension is posible on one release) and the e.g. the version(s) of LibreOffice it is compatible with.

I’ll explain the current status of the content types in detail in the next days on my blog and will write about what’s missing so far.