Own Instance of OwnCloud

I asked my hosting provider for an update of the environment of my webspace because I’m going to host my online calendar on my own. The provider did the upgrade very fast and the applications on my webspace (website and blog) made it to the new server without any issue. Great!

This weekend I found some free cycle to install and configure a own instance of OwnCloud in my webspace. The provider provides the OwnCloud software packages in his administration interface. Thus the installation was very easy and fast. I had only to create a new user account and could go from there then.

First I did a synchroisation with my Thunderbird Lightning calendar. I had only to add a new calendar and fill in the calendar URL and the login data. There is a button in OwnCloud (calendar view) where you get that URL.

Next I worked on the connection of my OwnCloud calender with my mobile phone. I used ‚CalDAV Sync Free Beta‘ from the Android Market Place for that. Once installed I added an account inside the configuration menu of my phone. I had to add the login data and the URL and could add a name for this CalDAV account. I had to choose the automatic synchronisation and the appointments etc. from my OwnCloud calendar went into the calendar that I used on my mobile phone: aCalendar, also from the Market Place.

I could also synchronize my contact data from OwnCloud. Therefor I used ‚CardDAV Sync Free Beta‘ from the Market Place. The default configuration syncs only data from the OwnCloud instance to the phone but you could choose the permission to sync from phone to OwnCloud too. I tried this and it works also like a charme.

I got also the contact data exported from Thunderbird and imported to the OwnCloud instance. Once I found the button to choose and upload the contact data file, that I exported from Thunderbird, it was a very easy task.