LibreOffice Templates Site – Change Language Settings

I worked on the language settings of a lot of LibreOffice template projects and template releases the last days. There was the setting to the default site language English, if the contributor didn’t changed that on the metadata register of every content type. But this language setting leads to a situation where only user with the English language setting could view that content.

It was not that difficult to indentify the content with (in this case) the wrong language setting in the portal_catalog tool of Plone, the content management system used for the website. There is an index for the language of the site content.

But the work on changing the language setting from English to language independent took some time, because I had to do it manual. Because there were so many entries with the English language setting, it took me some spare time working hours. But I finished the work on the LibreOffice templates site today. I started with the work on the LibreOffice extensions site, but it seemed there are much more entries that I have to change from English to language independent. I hope to get this work finished during the next week.