New LibreOffice Extensions Testsite online again

The new test website for LibreOffice extensions with an improved structure is online again. You could visit it at:

I could update the test website with my changes from the last days. It has now better descriptions on some fields and more validation features for user input. If you want to volunteer for testing the new website and its new structure and  features, you could ask for an account there using the entry in the bottom of the site: ‚Host your product‘. There is a form with the necessary data linked to create a new user account.

I worked a bit further on the software for the new website  today and commited my changes to the TDF github repository. They will be visible on the test website with the next update.

Status of AddOn Development for New LibreOffice Extensions-Site

I got some tester for the new LibreOffice Extensions-Site after a call with  some German speaking community member and received some valuable feedback from the volunteer tester. Thus I could improve the new addon for the Plone driven site. I committed this code work already to the TDF github repository. My changes covers usability improvements of the forms as well as additional validation features. But I could not update the LibreOffice extensions test-website with my code changes, because the virtual machine that runs the site’s Plone instance is currently down.

LibreOffice Extensions Site – Change Language Settings

I worked today on the language setting of some of the LibreOffice extensions, which are hosted on the LibreOffice extensions site. The authors of this extensions set the language setting to their native language or to English. Both settings has some effect on the visibility of their projects for users with different language setting (they will not see this projects). Thus I changed the language setting to language independent. I found this projects, releases and files, that has not a language independent setting because the portal_catalog tool of the Plone – the content management system we used for the site – created an index for the language setting, that I could browse every now and then.