New Extensions Site Theming Work

I worked a bit along a theme for the new LibreOffice extensions site. I use the Diazo theming framework for this, which makes it a bit more easy to theme a Plone site. The new theme is currently in a pre-pre-alpha state and there is still a remaining chunk of work. Here is a screenshot of the current state:


If you want to join me in the work on the new theme and have some proposals for improvement please send an email to the LibreOffice website list:

New LibreOffice Extensions Site Theming

I’m currently working on fixing some HTML validation issues in the development of the new LibreOffice extensions and templates site. Alongside I started with a new design from scratch. Therefor I created a new Diazo theme inside my local Plone development environment, that strips the full stack of Plone stylesheets and reset the styles of HTML tags. The output is like in my first screenshot:


I’ll add some styles to the Diazo theme in the next days, thus it will get reformatted and really usable (something like in the follwing screenshot).


If you want to join me in this process and you have good knowledge in HTML and CSS and webdevelopment in general, please send a mail to the LibreOffice website list:

Further Work on the new LibreOffice Extensions-Template Site

I worked a bit more on the search feature for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates website. I added text indexing features to some more form fields of projects. After updating the test  website with my git commits running buildout I had to clear and rebuild the catalog of the website. It’s possible to search for strings now within the form now.

There are some todos left to move to the new website, e.g. a new website theme based on the Diazo theming framework.