New LibreOffice Extensions Site – Developing on Feedback Second Part

I worked further on tasks that I resulted from the feedback that I got from the German speaking community in Essen. I already rearranged the view template of the new extensions centre. The centre displays the most popular extensions to the user, once it is called. There are also the most recent extensions shown in the sidebar.

The sidebar has also an area where the user could directly search for extensions by category. It’s created by buttons that link to catalogue queries. The results were displayed in the centre of the page. I added some conditions to the page template thus the area with the most popular extensions will disappear while the results of a query were shown. Instead there will be a query form and the results area shown. Thus the user could create a further search (with more options) and get its results at the top of the content area.

I’ll commit this changes during the next days and will update the new extensions test website with my commits.

New LibreOffice Extensions Site – Feedback at the Project Weekend in Essen

I showed the current state of the new LibreOffice extensions website at the project weekend in Essen and got valuable feedback from the attendees. We discussed about the structure of the home page of the extensions centre. I worked on the structure of this Plone addon object today and added some changes to my local environment today. There are some remaining tasks that will need some deeper investigation.

I adapted the theme to the new structure in parallel.  I’ll update the new online development website once I’ve finished the remaining bits.

Small Work on the Plone AddOn

I made some changes to the addon for the new LibreOffice extensions site today that will improve the screendesign of the website. I added also resources to the sidebar of the projects and the release page template.

In addition I worked a bit further on the styles (CSS) of the new website. The used Plone Diazo theming framework provides high quality resources for live editing.