New Extension and Templates Testwebsite updated

I added all my last changes for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates repository to the Plone test instance running on a resource of The Document Foundation today. The site is running on:

The site is currently using the default theming of the Content Management System Plone.

If you want to help test the current status you could ask for an account on the LibreOffice website mailing list: website <at>

New LibreOffice Extension-Template Site: Further Work

I worked on the Plone add-ons for the new LibreOffice extension and templates website very intensely in the last weeks. I added some more messaging for both, the site administrator and the contributor. I’ll show that at the upcoming LibreOffice conference in Aarhus during my talk.

I decided to add another Dexterity content type to both add-ons thus a contributor could also create a release that contains (a) link(s) to the extension or template file. This lead to a larger rework of the page templates for extension and template projects.

Currently I created the workflow for the releases of templates and will work on the same bits for extension releases during the next days.

You will get more details about the new LibreOffice extension and templates website during my talk at the LibreOffice conference in Aarhus.