Further Rework of the LibreOffice Extension Site Add-On

I worked further to get the Plone add-on for the new LibreOffice extension website able to run with the new version 5 of the Content Management System (CMS). I made a lot of changes to the source code and committed my changes already to the github repository of The Document Foundation.

During my work I run into some issues with the CMS, e.g. with the workflow implementation. I made another try some hours later and got it running as expected.

I also experienced an issue with the event handling from ‚zope.lifecycleevent.interfaces‘ with ‚IObjectAddedEvent‘. However the event ‚IActionSucceededEvent‘ from ‚Products.CMFCore.interfaces‘ worked as expected.

It’s also very nice to use the Plone api instead of the getToolByName call from the Plone utilities. Makes life a bit easier.

Rework of a Extension Center Add-On

The LibreOffice extension site is running on Plone. I already worked on two new add-ons for the site. I created this add-ons using the Dexterity content types and the grok style (five.grok). Thus this grok style is not supported any more with the new Plone 5 release I decided to rework the add-ons and drop grok. This allows to run the add-ons with Plone 4.3.x and Plone 5 as well. I created a new fresh repository on Github and started adding the first files today.