The LibreOffice extensions and templates website runs currently on a Plone 4.x instance. I created them a time ago and manage all the contributor and user support as well as the adminstration of the Plone instances during my spare time.

In addition I worked on a new Plone environment for an improved LibreOffice extensions and templates website. The new site will get a more flat hierarchy and will make it more easily for the contributor to publish his template or extension. The new site will also contain some messaging for the contributors and the administrator. Furthermore I implemented a feature that could be used to get LibreOffice users informed about updates of installed extensions.

I’ll deploy the two Plone add-ons, that I developed for the new site, in the near future. The source code is already available on the TDF github account under a free software license.

The next steps will be:

  • migration of users and content from the current websites
  • new Diazo theming

And to squash only some rumors:

  • LibreOffice extensions and templates sites are not the only Plone sites in the world
    (find out more on: https://plone.com 😉
  • There are not only a few developers working on and with Plone
    (find out more on: https://plone.org/support/providers 😉
  • Plone is a not well documented CMS/DMS
    (find out more on: http://docs.plone.org 😉