Dynamic Front-Page for the new LibreOffice Extensions-Templates Website

The new LibreOffice extensions and templates website will be created using Plone 5 and a policy add-on package that installs all necessary add-ons, e.g. two add-ons that I already created and released to the cheese-shop (https://pypi.python.org).
The policy package will also add a new front-page to Plone. I’m working on some dynamic content for this front-page that will be generated by performing some catalog queries. Plone has a feature rich index catalog and it is possible to expand it with new keywords etc. I used this opportunity with the two add-ons I already released.

First Release of TemplateUploadCenter on Cheeseshop

I worked on a second release of the Plone add-on tdf.extensionuploadcenter and got it out to the Cheeseshop (https://pypi.python.org) during the last days. I made the final steps for a release of the second Plone add-on, tdf.templateuploadcenter, today. This second add-on got also its first complete release, with version number 0.2: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/tdf.templateuploadcenter/0.2

I’ll work on a policy add-on package and the buildout script for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates site yet.