LibreOffice Stammtisch in Duisburg

Anfang November haben einige Mitglieder der deutschsprachigen Community von LibreOffice auf der Open Rhein Ruhr überlegt, für LibreOffice einen Stammtisch zu veranstalten. Er sollte in Duisburg noch im Jahr 2017 stattfinden. Ich habe dafür die Initiative ergriffen und es wurde dann – nach einer kleinen Umfrage auf der Mailingliste – der 15. Dezember.

Wir haben uns am letzten Freitag im Cafe Museum in der Duisburger Innenstadt, in fußläufiger Entfernung zum Bahnhof getroffen. Neben bekannten Gesichtern fanden auch mehrere an LibreOffice Interessierte den Weg an den Stammtisch (West). Es wurde sehr lebhaft über verschiedene Themen rund um LibreOffice und die Community diskutiert. Die Zeit verging wie im Fluge und die letzten haben erst nach fünf Stunden den Heimweg angetreten mit dem Wunsch, den Stammtisch im nächsten Jahr am gleichen Ort zu wiederholen.

Further Python Scripts For Plone Site Administration

I worked on two new Python scripts for the administration of the LibreOffice extensions and templates website. I need a list of projects that are in the review state private. The second new script lists all releases that are only in the review state pre-release. This means they have not published yet and are not visible for the user of the website. I published the scripts in my repository on

Finished Python Script To Get Active and Notactive Users

I worked on my Python script to get a list of active and not active users out of the Plone instance that is running the LibreOffice extensions and templates website and finished this script today. I run this script and got the list of currently active versus nonactive users. I’ll use the results of today to compare them with the results which I get in about two weeks. I’ll use the findings to have a closer look onto some accounts.

Worked On User Database Of The LibreOffice Extensions Website

I had a longer list of potential user that tried to create an account on the LibreOffice extensions and templates website but submitted no valid email address. I had to delete this accounts – currently manually -, because they blow up the database of the site without any value to the project (and potential user, because there is no way to activate them).

Update Of The LibreOffice Extensions Site To Plone 5.0.8

I worked during the last days on the Plone buildout of the LibreOffice extensions and templates website. I updated it – with some support of our service provider for fixing some nasty trace backs / error messages –  to version 5.0.8.  I rolled the new Plone minor version and some updates of our Plone addons out today. The site is running on Plone 5.0.8 yet. The run of the update took only a few minutes. Thus the site was only down for about five minutes or less.

Presentation About Non-Code Extension At The Open Rhein Ruhr

I gave a presentation about the creation of LibreOffice non-code extensions at the Open Rhein Ruhr in Oberhausen, a local open source event in Germany. The LibreOffice project attended the event with a booth too.

I added a first template for a non-code LibreOffice extension on Github. I’ll add some more during the next weeks. You’ll find them in a subfolder of my repository for the extensionbook:

Working A Bit Further On German Foundation Law

I got the chance to work a bit further on my script / documentation about German foundation law and added some bits to the text, cleaned some typos etc.  during my vacation. There are some missing sections and I hope to find some time to add Thema soon. But that depends on the daily workload after my vacation.