OpenSuSE Leap 42.1 and Brother MFC 7320

I tried to get the scanner of a Brother MFC 7320 into work with openSuSE Leap 42.1. I could install the software with a script ‚linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1‘ downloaded from the support page of the vendor. But there was an issue with the conection to the scanner via USB-Port. Although the model is not new the scanner was not listed in /etc/udev/rules.d/55-libsane.rules. I looked with scanimage -L out for the scanner and it was listed. Then I run lsusb and got the vendor-id and the device-id. I added a new entry to the libsane.rules file:

# Brother MFC-7320 ATTR(idVendor)==“04f9″, ATTR(idProduct)==“01eb“, MODE=“0664″, GROUP=“lp“, ENV(libsane_matched)=“yes“

Then I had to add the user to the group ‚lp‘ and after a restart the scanner works.

Xsane got the scanner and I could also use the automatic scanner utility to scan more than one page at once. There is a special mode for this in xsane for this (drop down menu on the top right). I had to count the pages of the multipage scan and put the number in the field on the top left. There is a pop up window where I had to create a multipage project. Then everything was done by xsane and its toolbox.

New Release For Extensionuploadcenter And Update Of Testwebsite

I worked on the localisation of the Plone add-on tdf.extensionuploadcenter and added the last bits. I published a new version with this changes and a first localisation into German today.

The testwebsite for the new LibreOffice extensions templates repository uses this new release and also the latest release of tdf.templateuploadcenter. Thus it reflects the current development status.

Localisation Of The TDF-Extensionuploadcenter

The new LibreOffice extensions website will be driven by a new Plone add-on (tdf.extensionuploadcenter). I released a new version of this add-on some days ago. I’m working on the localisation of this add-on yet. I already created a translation template file (*.pot) and compiled a localisation file from it. I used the latter for a translation of the strings to German (as proof of concept).

FrOSCon-Update For The TDF.templateuploadcenter

During the FrOSCon I worked on an update for the Plone add-on that will drive the New LibreOffice templates website. This update contains some aditional validations. I released it weithin the ‚Cheeseshop‘ today. The new version will be available on the testsite for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates repository within the next run of buildout.

Epub erstellen mit LibreOffice

LibreOffice kann über Extensions mit weiteren Funktionen versehen werden. Die Extensions werden von freien Entwicklern beigesteuert, können über die LibreOffice-Extensions-Webseite heruntergeladen und in LibreOffice installiert werden. So findet sich dort auch eine Extension, mit der sich eine Writer-Textdatei in das Dateiformat epub exportieren lässt. So lassen sich auch elektronische Bücher (eBooks) aus LibreOffice heraus erstellen:

Worked On LibreOffice Educational Portal Again

I started to work further on a LibreOffice educational portal again these days. This portal (website) was discussed during a work weekend of the German speaking community. I created a first very alpha version during and short after that weekend and set up a development website. The site is driven by Plone and a specific add-on. I got some time to work on this add-on further and got the add-on more i18n-friendly. The add-on is hosted on Github in the account of the Document Foundation:

I added also a new repository for the configuration etc. of a new LibreOffice education website, which brings me to eight hundred commits to Github during the last year 😉