Updated Extension Site Repository To Plone 5.1

I worked on an update of the source code for the LibreOffice extensions and templates website from Plone 5.0 to Plone 5.1 during last days. I finished this work today. The Plone buildout for the website points to Plone 5.1.6 yet.

I run tests against the new Plone version with data created with the currently used Plone version (5.0) and they succeeded all. The source code of the website is available at Github: https://github.com/tdf/extensions.libreoffice.org

The new Plone version 5.1 will be available at the LibreOffice extensions and templates website once the TDF infra team got time slot to checkout the Github repository and run buildout afterwards.

Created Buildout For TDF.Extensionuploadcenter On Plone 6.0 a1

I created a new buildout from the branch 6.0 of the Plone buildout.coredev (https://github.com/plone/buildout.coredev) today. The buildout itself worked out of the box and I could create a new Plone site from it. I ran the Plone 6.0 a1 using Python 3.6.

I added some further packages to this buildout to check if the Plone add-on tdf.extensionuploadcenter would be compatible with the upcomming Plone 6.0 (and Python 3). I had to do this step by step. I run tests against every Plone add-on which I added to the buildout. There were no issues with the command ‘./bin/test -m <name of the add-on>’. Once I incorporated all Plone add-ons I could fire up Plone with ‘./bin/instance fg’. I created a new Plone site and installed the Plone add-ons ‘tdf.extensionuploadcenter‘ and ‘cioppino.twothumbs’. I could create a new ‘Extension Center’ and add a first ‘Extension Project’ to it without issues. Seemed there are no issues to catapult the LibreOffice Extensions Center (Site) into the Python 3 and Plone 6 world.