Plone Script Fun

The Plone content management system could run Python scripts from the command line. I worked already with such scripts in the past. I decided to work on a new script that reads the current users of the new LibreOffice extensions and templates website with some additional information (e.g. email-address, roles) and put this information into a csv-file.

Then I want a list of all user names line by line in a text file. The same I want for the contributors to the new website. This will help to regularly clean up the amount of accounts in the new website and delete not used accounts (the diff of both lists).

New Release For The New LibreOffice Templates Site

I worked on some more bits of the Plone 5 add-on for the new LibreOffice templates website. There were especially some localisation tags missing etc. I updated them and the corresponding localisation template file. The new release ships also with a first localisation into German. The source code is available at the repository of The Document Foundation at github (

The new release is available at the ‚Cheeseshop‘: