Brother MFC-7320 And OpenSUSE Leap 15.4

I used this combined printer, scanner and fax machine with openSUSE for some years now. But it is always a lot of effort to get it working with a fresh Linux environment, e.g. after a hardware change. There are the packages and tools from Brother, which you could download from their website, but trat doesn’t make the complete and successful setup of the printer and scanner functionality. It is necessary that you install also some 32-bit packages:

zypper in -f glibc-32bit libusb-0_1-4-32bit libusb-1_0-0-32bit

Solved Vulnerabilities

I worked on the project Free Online Office, a collaborative online office based on LibreOffice technology, to solve vulnerabilities of the used JavaScript packages. I updated all used JavaScript packages to new versions. The command ‘npm audit’ reports no vulnerabilities now.

This is a big difference to the starting point, where there was and is the following report:

57 vulnerabilities (1 low, 20 moderate, 34 high, 2 critical)

I’ll create a new Docker image from the updated source code and publish it on the Docker hub during the next days. You can get it from there with:

docker pull freeonlineoffice/online:nightly

Free Online Office Nightly On ProxMox

I created a Linux Container on my ProxMox server using Debian 11 and installed and run Docker inside of it. Then I pulled the current Free Online Office (nightly build) from

docker pull freeonlineoffice/online:nightly

I started this Docker container with:

docker run -t -d -p -e "username=admin" -e "password=S3cRet" freeonlineoffice/online:nightly

The IP in the docker command depends on the IP address of the Linux Container on your ProxMox server. You should give the container a fixed IP address. I used the IP address (double escaped) for the aliasgroup entry for my first run too.

Once I started the container I run ‘docker ps’ to see, if the container is running. Then I checked with curl from my remote machine, if everything works.

curl -k

If you don’t get an error message in return everything seemed to work. I could open a browser on my remote machine and type call the URL:

This shows the admin console of Free Online Office build on LibreOffice technology.