A Quick Test With Plone 5.2 And Python 3.6.5

I created an buildout from the Plone corebot Github repository. I used the current development version 5.2 and run it on a Python 3.6.5 virtual environment. The buildout of the Plone instance took some time, but everything went well and I could create a new Plone site. I added the multilanguage addon to it and played a bit with the site. I added second language to the site, created a new page and tested the translation framework that came with the addon. It worked as expected and I got a page with a linked translation.

Then I tried out how the website of the Documentation would look like in a pure (not specially branded) Plone environment. I did a quick and dirty copy and paste of the homepage of TDF and the new Plone page was done in 1 minute. The page uses the default Plone layout and there were no issues with different screen size.

Document Foundation Homepage on Plone 5.2
Document Foundation Homepage On Plone 5.2 – Mobile Device Screen Size

Working On A New Python-Script For Extension Evaluation

I started my work on a new Python script to evalute LibreOffice extensions. It’s currently in a very early state and I’m going to use only very limited spare time to update it. I’m going to concentrate on more healthy activities than sitting in front of PC. Thus don’t be surprised if this and other task will not be finished immediately. I’ll adapt my workflow / workload to the favored range of the open source project, particularly it’s only pure volunteer work.

First SmartCity Duisburg Workshop eGovernment

I got an invitation to the eGovernment workshop of the SmartCity Duisburg innovation initiative some days ago and attended this workshop today. It’s an initiative from the city Duisburg.

The events purpose was the opportunity for the citizens to participate in the process and add new / further ideas to the list of proposals. There were round tables for different topics and everyone has the opportunity to work in two of this rounds (not at the same time). I joined the topic about the service for the citizens first and later the one about communication. It was a great brainstorming and we discussed some new ideas. The groups presented some of this ideas in the end.

The project team will work through this ideas and the other ones that has been written down on the brown paper on the tables.

There will be a following up of this workshop, scheduled for February 2019. I’m going to participate that second eGovernment workshop of SmartCity Duisburg too.

Some Work With The LibreOffice Extensions Website Workflow

I got some information about issues with the workflow of the LibreOffice extensions and templates website. Thus I had a closer look into it and made some changes to the workflow scripts of the site, commited them to the Github repository and updated the website via the Plone buildout process.

I made some tests with the website after running buildout for several times but there were some remaining issues that need further investigation. I fixed an issue with the permissions manually in the Zope Management Interface for the moment (interim solution). I will look into this topic again, once I got a free cycle during my spare time.

Volunteer Time After Ten Office Hours

I worked further on the Plone addons for the LibreOffice extensions website after a long office day today, reviewed and published a template project on the website and examined an issue about the creation of gallery extensions that a user forwarded to me. I had to state that the way you could create a new gallery theme and include it in a LibreOffice gallery extension doesn’t exist anymore. I forwarded this issue to the qa-team.

Fix Website Styles For Tables On Template Projects

I started to rework the presentation of the tables on template projects on the LibreOffice extensions and templates website. The table on such project pages should fit much better now. I removed inline styles and updated the stylesheet. I’ll work on this for the extension projects too.

The changes will be visible on the site with the next run of buildout.

New AddOn Release For Templates Part

I made some improvements on the Plone addon that is used for the templates part of the website https://extensions.libreoffice.org. This improvements made it possible to remove older versions of LibreOffice from the compatibility list. The template will show their compatibility with older versions furthermore, if the contributor choose that compatibility in the past. With the new Plone addon release the site will get the compatibility information of a template from the index of the Plone portal_catalog. The new release is available at the ‘CheeseShop’: https://pypi.org/project/tdf.templateuploadcenter/