Created Buildout For TDF.Extensionuploadcenter On Plone 6.0 a1

I created a new buildout from the branch 6.0 of the Plone buildout.coredev ( today. The buildout itself worked out of the box and I could create a new Plone site from it. I ran the Plone 6.0 a1 using Python 3.6.

I added some further packages to this buildout to check if the Plone add-on tdf.extensionuploadcenter would be compatible with the upcomming Plone 6.0 (and Python 3). I had to do this step by step. I run tests against every Plone add-on which I added to the buildout. There were no issues with the command ‘./bin/test -m <name of the add-on>’. Once I incorporated all Plone add-ons I could fire up Plone with ‘./bin/instance fg’. I created a new Plone site and installed the Plone add-ons ‘tdf.extensionuploadcenter‘ and ‘cioppino.twothumbs’. I could create a new ‘Extension Center’ and add a first ‘Extension Project’ to it without issues. Seemed there are no issues to catapult the LibreOffice Extensions Center (Site) into the Python 3 and Plone 6 world.

Next Release Of Plone Add-on For LibreOffice Extensions Site

I fixed some smaller issues in the user documentation of the Plone add-on for the LibreOffice extensions website and updated the localization files of the add-on. I published this fixes and updates within a new release of the Plone add-on tdf.extensionuploadcenter on the Cheeseshop ( yesterday. It is release 0.46. You can get this release at:

The source code is available on my Github repository:

New Release Of Plone Add-On For LibreOffice Templates Site

I worked on the Plone add-on that drives the LibreOffice templates website during the last days. I fixed some smaller bugs, but more important I added the first version of the user documentation. This documentation describes in detail all modules / objects of the add-on and give some information about the messaging feature of the add-on.

I created a new release of this Plone add-on ‘tdf.templateuploadcenter’ and published it on the Cheeshop ( today. This release got the number 0.36 and is available at:

The source code of the add-on is available on my Github repository:

New Release Of Plone Add-On For LibreOffice Extensions Site

I worked on the user documentation and some smaller fixes of the Plone add-on which drives the LibreOffice extensions website. This add-on is named ‘tdf.extensionuploadcenter’ and its source code is hosted on Github (

I finished the user documentation and the smaller fixes two days ago and published a new release of the Plone add-on yesterday. It has the release number 0.45 and you could get it from the ‘Cheeseshop’ ( at:

The new release adapt the structure of the add-on to the current structure provided by the Plone add-on ‘bobtemplates’. This is a first step on the way to adapt the release also to Python 3.

The release includes the initial version of the user documentation with information not only about installation, creating and publishing of content objects but also about its messaging features.

Further Work On Plone Add-on For LibreOffice Extensions Site

I worked a bit further on the Plone add-on for the LibreOffice extension website. I made some changes on the edit form for the Extension Center module thus it will be more clearly arranged. In addition I worked on the user documentation for the Plone add-on. This is currently work in progress and will take a bit of time to finish. Once it will be complete I’ll publish a new release of the add-on ‘tdf.extensionuploadcenter‘.

Spent A Lot Of Donation Money Without Review Of The Impact

The slides from a free software conference states that a foundation spents more than half of its donation income to employ or contract staff. This covers a sum of around 430,000 Euro (56 percent of the project donations income). And only seven percent of the projects income by way of donation were spent for community and events.

There were no visible discussion and decision made about precise targets to reach. The foundation and its board didn’t publish such targets. There were no information for the community and the members of the foundation about the impact that should be reached. The community and the members never got an information, how the foundation board will measure, if the targets and the impact had been reached. And if the designated targets and impacts have not been reached, there will Not bei an evaluation of the reasons for that, thus the whole process could be improved. And thus there is and will not be any improvement in this whole process.

The further spending of donation money this way without a real and public (the community and the foundation states itself transparent) target setting and review process is wasting money from donors.

If a charity and its board are not able to set up such a target and review process after years, donors should rethink further donations.

Work On Plone Add-ons For LibreOffice Extensions-Templates Site

I worked a bit further on the source code of the Plone add-ons that drives the LibreOffice extensions and templates site. I’ll publish new releases of this add-ons during the next days.

I pushed this changes of the source into the upstream Github repository too, thus they are available from the Github repository of The Document Foundation as well.

New Minor Release Of Extensionuploadcenter

I worked a bit further through the Plone add-on that drives the current LibreOffice extensions website and made some smaller fixes on the source code during the last days. I published a new release with this changes on today:

The LibreOffice extensions and templates website ( got back his customized home page again since about a week. This site was created inside a Plone policy add-on package a time ago and its source code got some CSS-fixes some weeks ago. Great to see that it is again up.