Migration Of Plone Site Content

If you want to migrate content from or to a Plone site it is always the best use of ressources, if you ask volunteers to copy and paste the content items from one environment to another ;-(

But seriously: The Plone community created a tool for such tasks with a funny name: ‘Transmogrifier’. You could find some information on this at https://docs.plone.org/external/collective.transmogrifier/docs/source/index.html#transmogrifier and a training session at https://training.plone.org/5/transmogrifier/.

But it is not that easy and fast to create pipelines and blueprints for a migration yourself. Thus I recommend to ask and pay a Plone professional service to do the migration. It would preserve your nerves and you get results very fast.

TDF Dashboard

I tried to have a look onto the TDF dashboard at https://dashboard.documentfoundation.org using an Internet Explorer 11, but with no success. The website didn’t render. I got only a retry of rendering actions. According to the browser stats at least 5.26 % of the internet user are not able to view the site (https://www.stetic.com/de/market-share/browser/).

And in addition for those who prefer webservices with ‘mobile first’ implementation: it’s not for you ;-(

The site doesn’t render proper on smaller mobile devices. It’s not usable on such devices.

Expensive LibreOffice Extensions And Templates Website?

I read a time ago about the myth of an expensive LibreOffice extensions and templates website. I investigated about this and had a look at the real numbers (they are public available on the wiki page: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/TDF/Ledgers). I found some expenses only in two fiscal period: 2017 and 2018. TDF spent in 2017 6399.44 Euro and in 2018 642.60 Euro. The money was predominantly spent for content migration and an improved server environment. It included also an individual training for the TDF infrastructure team.

The most work on the website was done by volunteer work within some support from the Plone open source community. All in all TDF spent 7042.04 Euro for running the site for about seven and a half years, thus about 938.39 Euro per year. Seemed a very expensive tool in comparison to the financial and personal ressources used for running other TDF tools 😉

Worked Through The Plone Volto Training Documentation

I worked with the training documentation for the Plone Volto framework and played a bit with the different components. This helps to get some entry level knowledge of the framework that is based on the JavaScript React framework.

I expanded the buildout from the Volto Github repository with one of my former Plone addons: tdf.extensionuploadcenter and added a new default view for it inside my own Volto app. I use this new view to improve my knowledge on Volto.

Playing With New Plone UI Volto

I read about a new Plone UI named ‘Volto’ and created a new instance from the Github repository: https://github.com/plone/volto

I had to install node.js and yarn on my notebook. I created a new volto package with ‘create-volto-app my-volto-app’.  I could build my volto app with the command ‘npm start’. This build everything and the instance is available at port 3000 of your URL, e.g. ‘http://localhost:3000’. But you need to fire up the Plone instance too with e.g. ‘bin/instance fg’ too (otherwise you will get error messages).

Plone Volto in mobile resolution

The screenshot above shows the Plone site within a resolution for mobile devices. The Volto app uses the Pastanaga theme and is ‘mobile first’.

FOSDEM And A1 Form?

In about two weeks many free software developers and enthusiast meet at the FOSDEM in Brussels for at least two days. They are traveling from other countries inside the European Union as well as from countries around the world to Brussels. Many developers (and some open source supporters too), which attend the event are  employed by open source companies, they are traveling to Brussels within the scope of their payed job (for different reasons) and give talks on topics around their dayly work.

If there is a connection between the the payed job of an attendee and the participation at the FOSDEM, people from inside the European Union that travel (in this case) to Belgium, Brussels need a form A1. If they didn’t own such a certificate their work runs under the rules of the Belgium social security. I explained the features of the A1 form already some weeks ago on my blog here. A connection to the daily could be e.g. a presentation with the branding of the employer or even the statement of a business trip at the hotel reception.

Worked On The Migration Of A Second Plone Addon

I finished my migration of a first Plone addon some a week ago sucessfully and started with migration of a further addon, collective.dexteritytextindexer to Python 3 compatibility. I was able to migrate the source code of the addon itself, but run into issues with the behaviors test script. The tests ran successful on Plone 4.3 to 5.2 and Python 2.7, but failed on Plone 5.2 on Python 3.

First Quarter Without Work For TDF

I did pour volunteer work for LibreOffice and its antecessor for about sixteen years. I worked in different roles for the open source project during this long periode.  The project consumed a lot of my spare time. But then I experienced a ‘nice’ communication experience inside the community (from some ‘core’-members), that showed me a lack of respect for my project work, its value and also for my person. Thus I decided to completely stop my pour volunteer work within the project three month ago. The LibreOffice extensions and templates website (extensions.libreoffice.org) lost its maintainer and project reviewer since that time.

I used my free cycles to improve my fitness. And I was able to do this way something in balance to my day by day payed office work. Seemed it was a smart decision 😉