Localisation Of The TDF-Extensionuploadcenter

The new LibreOffice extensions website will be driven by a new Plone add-on (tdf.extensionuploadcenter). I released a new version of this add-on some days ago. I’m working on the localisation of this add-on yet. I already created a translation template file (*.pot) and compiled a localisation file from it. I used the latter for a translation of the strings to German (as proof of concept).

FrOSCon-Update For The TDF.templateuploadcenter

During the FrOSCon I worked on an update for the Plone add-on that will drive the New LibreOffice templates website. This update contains some aditional validations. I released it weithin the ‚Cheeseshop‘ today. The new version will be available on the testsite for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates repository within the next run of buildout.

Worked On LibreOffice Educational Portal Again

I started to work further on a LibreOffice educational portal again these days. This portal (website) was discussed during a work weekend of the German speaking community. I created a first very alpha version during and short after that weekend and set up a development website. The site is driven by Plone and a specific add-on. I got some time to work on this add-on further and got the add-on more i18n-friendly. The add-on is hosted on Github in the account of the Document Foundation:

I added also a new repository for the configuration etc. of a new LibreOffice education website, which brings me to eight hundred commits to Github during the last year 😉

Upgrade Of The Extensions-Templates-Sites

I worked on some test environment for an upgrade of the LibreOffice extensions and templates websites to the latest Plone 4 version during the last week. I had to find solutions for some issues. In the end the upgrade in my test instance were successful.

I worked on the current LibreOffice extensions and templates instance with my experience, that I got from the test instance today. I upgraded the Plone buildout from version 4.2.6 to 4.3.9. I had to fix an unexpected error during the upgrade of the instance zope database. Apart from this the upgrade runs smoothly. The LibreOffice extensions and templates websites are up again, running on Plone 4.3.9 for now.

The next step will be the change of the multilanguage framework to a newer Plone add-on.

Update Of New Extensions-Templates-Repository Test-Site

I updated the test-website for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates repository with my latest developments today. I worked on four additional validators and fixed some issues in the view templates for the content. I added also a new theming add-on, based on the default Plone 5 theming product, named Barceloneta. The test-site is available at http://vm141.documentfoundation.org:9090/liboexttempsite.