Getting Tour Tracks From A Crane-GPS-Clock On Linux

I bought an Aldi/Crane GPS clock some time ago. The clock was delivered with a software that runs only on older versions of Windows (up to Vista), but not on Linux.

The clock is already doing its job, logging my tracks with GPS connection. Thus I didn’t want to put it to the trash can, but instead use it further. I searched the internet and found a free software project that created a software to get a connection with the clock and read its data via usb cable. This project is hosted at:

I checked out the source code and followed the instructions, that includes the usual steps: ./configure, make, make install.

I could connect the GPS clock with my Linux-PC and read the data from the clock inside a shell via:

I used the options ‚–split‘ to create seperate files for every track and ‚–clear‘ to delete the data on the clock.

The file export format is ‚*.tcx‘.