First SmartCity Duisburg Workshop eGovernment

I got an invitation to the eGovernment workshop of the SmartCity Duisburg innovation initiative some days ago and attended this workshop today. It’s an initiative from the city Duisburg.

The events purpose was the opportunity for the citizens to participate in the process and add new / further ideas to the list of proposals. There were round tables for different topics and everyone has the opportunity to work in two of this rounds (not at the same time). I joined the topic about the service for the citizens first and later the one about communication. It was a great brainstorming and we discussed some new ideas. The groups presented some of this ideas in the end.

The project team will work through this ideas and the other ones that has been written down on the brown paper on the tables.

There will be a following up of this workshop, scheduled for February 2019. I’m going to participate that second eGovernment workshop of SmartCity Duisburg too.