Plone And Single Sign On / LDAP

It’s always a shame if people present at a tech conference without the necessary knowledge on the background. The LibreOffice extensions and templates website had never a single sign on solution, because there were no such solution within the LibreOffice available. This situation persists when the LibreOffice extensions and templates website was migrated to the current infrastructure with a rework. Thus the migration of the user of the site was also done without e.g. a migration to a LDAP solution.

The Document Foundation staff member, which presented about the future of the LibreOffice extensions site at the FOSDEM in Brussels, seemed to have no knowledge about this situation and also not about available solutions for LDAP integration for Plone (the Content Management System the current website run on). This illuminated the carefullness, the presenter dedicated to evaluate the current situation and the future of the LibreOffice extensions repository.

Maybe the time has been much better spent to improve the communication style inside The Document Foundation and for the review of already for publication submitted LibreOffice extension projects?

And about the LDAP integration of Plone: a bit of Googleing would have been of great help 😉