Matrix-Synapse Install And Testing

I installed the Matrix-Synapse server on Debian Buster running inside a virtual maschine. I got Matrix-Synapse configured and running. I installed the ufw firewall and allowed ‘http’, ‘https’ and ‘8008/tcp’.

I configured the Debian machine within its network settings from NAT to bridged network and I could reach the running Apache, running on that Debian. But it was not possible to reach the Matrix-Synapse server from the host system yet. I had to reconfigure ‘homeserver.yaml’ and change the bind_addresses variable from ‘’ to the IP of the network bridge (the network address of the interface of the Debian box). After a restart of matrix-synapse I could connect via <IP-Address of the Debian box>:8008 (the ip address of the Debian box and port 8008). I could then connect with the Riot webclient from the host to the Matrix-Synapse server and a Riot client on the Debian box.

I was able to create rooms and invite into them. It was also possible to start phone calls. But there were currently no emoticon available in the chat application.