Update Of New Extensions-Templates-Repository Test-Site

I updated the test-website for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates repository with my latest developments today. I worked on four additional validators and fixed some issues in the view templates for the content. I added also a new theming add-on, based on the default Plone 5 theming product, named Barceloneta. The test-site is available at

AddOns For The New Extension-Template-Website

Although I had to diversify my focus for various reasons in the last weeks I managed to work through some smaller remaining topics of the Plone add-ons for the new LibreOffice extensions and templates website. I already created a new release for the templates part and uploaded it to the ‚Cheeseshop‘. A new release for the extension part will follow soon.
Besides this I created a new theming add-on for the website based on the default Plone 5 theme, Barceloneta, that could be improved later.
I also worked with the user/contributor of the current site, started the preparation of the site stuff for the migration to the newer framework. I did some work on the buildout environment for an upgrade to the latest Plone 4.3 version. I’ll run this upgrade during the next days, once all tests are completed.

Test-Website For LibreOffice Educational Portal

During the German speaking LibreOffice community we discussed to work on an educational site. I made a first draft of a Plone site for such a LibreOffice educational portal and did some further work over the last weeks. I committed my code to the github repository of the Document Foundation.

Today I run buildout on the educational site again and it is in sync with my current development status yet. You can view the site at:

Worked Further On Indexing and Search

I worked again with the index and search feature of Plone to finish the search function in the new add-on that could be the main part of a new LibreOffice educational site. I fixed the last bits and added some more entries to the categories fields. The index is working fine now. Committed my changes under GPL to TDF’s github repository.