LibreOffice Conference Website with WebDAV

I worked a bit on the LibreOffice conference website today and added a webdav-address to the buildout. Now it is posible to edit and download talks from the site in a plain text format. I tested this with a dummy talk:


title: Testtalk
description: A short test if everything works.
length: 30
creativecommonslicense: True
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html; charset=“utf-8″

<p>This is the detailed description of the talk.</p>


There are some fields currently empty because there are e.g. no speaker and no track created yet. This will change later, if we go live with the call for papers 😉

More Work on LibreOffice Conference Add-On

I added a new field for review comments to the tracks module of the Plone add-on that I created for the organizing of the next LibreOffice conference in Berlin. This field is only visible for user with the permission to review the content of the platform. I did the same for a field that will be used to order the talks in a track.

I worked in parallel on the view of the content and changed the time format to a more readable one (currently only on the track view). I pushed my changes to my github repository:

Changes to collective.conference uploaded

I made some changes to the Plone add-on collective.conference that I created to help organize the next LibreOffice conference. E.g. I changed the storrage for all binary files to blobstorrage. Thus this files are no longer storred in the Zope Object Database (ZODB) and thus this database will not grow up very fast and could not slow down the Plone instance. Today I pushed my changes to my developer space on You could find the code here:

LibreOffice Conference Site

The LibreOffice conference will take place in Berlin this year. There is currently only a place holder webpage for this event. I decided to create a new website with some features for the organization of the conference some  some weeks ago. First I looked around for such a software that fulfill our (the LibreOffice conference organizing team) needs, but I was not successful. I asked also some organizers of conferences, but also with little success (about a appropriate software). Then I stumbled over the Dexterity howto of Martin Aspeli and his conference example. I used this example package to start my work on a new add-on for Plone that could fullfil the needs of the conference organizing team.

I created a new package collective.conference inside my developer account and created an online site at Because this site is only for the development of the add-on I created a new stable Plone-Website for the conference that will replace soon the current website. It could be reached currently at