LibreOffice Extension Site Back On-Line

I worked on the LibreOffice extension site ( and tried to fix some language issues yesterday. During this work an issue with the homepage of the extension portal occurred. At least I had to use our latest backup from the 28th of August to solve the problems. The upload took some time thus the site was not available for the night (European time). But the good message: the site is running again now 😉

LibreOffice Conference – Call for Papers open

The LibreOffice conference will take place in Berlin this year. It is the second conference of the LibreOffice project and I decided that we should upgrade our conference organizing tool set. Because I know the workflow from another conference, the LinuxTag, I thought that the conference organizing team should get a tool for the process of managing papers and creating a conference program out of them.

I worked on this topic in the last weeks and created a new add-on for Plone. This add-on manages the workflow for the upcoming LibreOffice conference. The call for papers for this conference, that take place in Berlin from October 17th to 19th, 2012, is open now. You could submit your papers via the conference website: The call for papers is open until 15th August.

Protecting of the Conference Site with Captcha

I added the captcha feature to the LibreOffice conference site. It was easy to install and had to be activated in the Zope Management Interface (ZMI) at plone_setup via an import call.

I reworked a field in the talk and in the workshop module of the conference add-on for Plone. This fields has special rights management now. The changes are integrated into the LibreOffice conference site ( with a git checkout.

Bit more Work on Conference Add-On

I added a new field to the workshop module of the Plone add-on for the LibreOffice conference. It is now posible that a workshop has a co-leader. I changed also the view of the talks and the workshops.

There are now also review comment fields for both types, talks and workshops, which are only visible to reviewers.

Because I created a new buildout of the LibreOffice conference site ( all my changes are available on the site.

New LibreOffice Conference Site Online

The LibreOffice conference site is driven by Plone now. The URL of the site is The site contains an add-on for Plone that can manage the call for papers and the conference program. I worked on this add-on, based on the Dexterity framework, hard in the last weeks. There are some tasks remaining but I will finish them in the next weeks.

Today I fixed an issue in the footer of the site that lives in the layout add-on of the site.

Issue with my Plone 4.2rc2 Buildout fixed

I worked on a zeoserver buildout of Plone 4.2rc2 in the last days. I run into an issue with the instances of the zeo. They always start up and stoped and died at last. I finally got a hint from another „Plonista“ that there was an issue with the contact to the blobstorage. The relative link to the blobstorage worked only if I run the instance with „fg“ (and not with regular „start“. I changed the line in my buildout script to:

blob-storage = ${buildout:directory}/var/blobstorage

And now it worked for the first instance. But if I run the second instance with the start command it died. I run it in foreground mode (fg) then and I got the message:

AttributeError: UnixZopeStarter instance has no attribute ‚lockfile‘

I googled this line and found out that there is a bug inside the zope that is already fixed but not released yet.

Seemed that there will be another RC for Plone 4.2 next time.


Patching Plone Sites

I’m running four Plone sites on behalf of two non-profit organisations (FroDeV and The Document Foundation) and the ODFAuthors team. This sites needs some love today. I updated them all together to Plone 4.1.5. The buildout runs very smoothly and the sites are online again.

Next I had to explore what’s going wrong with my new buildout of a zeoserver with Plone 4.2.rc2. There is an issue with the start-up process. I had to dig into that and get my hands dirty 😉

LibreOffice Conference Website with WebDAV

I worked a bit on the LibreOffice conference website today and added a webdav-address to the buildout. Now it is posible to edit and download talks from the site in a plain text format. I tested this with a dummy talk:


title: Testtalk
description: A short test if everything works.
length: 30
creativecommonslicense: True
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html; charset=“utf-8″

<p>This is the detailed description of the talk.</p>


There are some fields currently empty because there are e.g. no speaker and no track created yet. This will change later, if we go live with the call for papers 😉

More Work on LibreOffice Conference Add-On

I added a new field for review comments to the tracks module of the Plone add-on that I created for the organizing of the next LibreOffice conference in Berlin. This field is only visible for user with the permission to review the content of the platform. I did the same for a field that will be used to order the talks in a track.

I worked in parallel on the view of the content and changed the time format to a more readable one (currently only on the track view). I pushed my changes to my github repository: