The Next Plone Addon Release For The LibreOffice Extensions Site

I finished further improvements of the Plone addon which drives the current LibreOffice extensions website. I improved the edit dialog of the extensions release and linked release module with some explanation and splitted the dialog into register, thus it is more clearly arranged yet. I published the new release in the ‘cheesehop‘:

The release has the number 0.30. Let’s see, if a member of the infrastructure team of The Document Foundation takes the opportunity to update the current LibreOffice extensions website with the new Plone addon release.

Further Improvements On The Plone Addons

I made some more improvements especially on the dialogs of the Plone addons that drives the current LibreOffice extensions and templates website. There are some steps to go to finish my work. My goal is to improve especially the edit dialogs thus it is more easy an fast for contributors to submit there projects and releases / files.

But I had to ensure too, that all necessary information / data will be submitted. It’s something of a balance act.

Further Work On Addons For The LibreOffice Extensions And Templates Website

I worked a bit further on some smaller improvements of the Plone addons that drives the current LibreOffice extensions and templates website during my spare time in the evening of the last days. Once I finished some more of this tweaks I’ll publish new releases of this Plone addons.

Let’s see, if someone would be willing to update the website with this new releases.

Worked On A New Plone Addon Release For The LibreOffice Templates Website

I worked on a new release of the Plone addon for the current LibreOffice templates website. It will contain a new module for small template projects, which make it fast and easy to create and submit a new templates project and publish a LibreOffice template. I’m going to release this release during the next days.

It will need the support of a member of the Document Foundation admin team to provide the improvements to the user of the website.

New Release Of The Plone Addon For Extensions Website

I finished my work on the implementation of a new module and new features for the Plone addon that drives the current LibreOffice extensions website. The addon contains the new module for small extension projects which makes it easy and fast to submit a new LibreOffice extension. The release is published in the ‘Cheeseshop’ ( at: It is release 0.28 of the Plone addon.

Worked Further On Improvements Of The Plone Addon

I added further on the Plone addon for the current LibreOffice extensions website and changed the display of the categories to a specific search inside the Plone portal_catalog tool. There is the need for further such changes. Furthermore the new strings need a localization template. I’ll do this during the next days and publish a new release of the addon in the ‘Cheeseshop’.

Created A New Plone Modul For Fast And Easy Projects

I worked a bit with one of the Plone addons for the LibreOffice extensions and templates website and added a new module to submit easy and fast a new LibreOffice Extension. The module consists of only one edit dialog. It is structured in register and got already a view. The edit dialog as well as the project view are configurable. It’s not that big deal to make any changes on the view, if you have some knowledge on web technology.

Small Extension Project Edit Form

Plone Only For Large Scale And For Big Company?

I read in the minutes from a board meeting of The Document Foundation (TDF) the belief ‘plone is a CMS for large scale & for a big company etc.’ and ‘there perhaps suitable’. This seemed to be a lonesome view from the leading body of this entity and not generally shared.

If you take a look at the website you will find there a list of recent Plone launches for organizations and companies. This organizations / companies and the Plone launches are very divers and from small to big sizes, e.g.:

And I found another interesting site for volunteers, that is created with Plone and its new technics:

Thus the view of the TDF board proofs wrong.

The organizations and companies which launched and use Plone site benefit from the excellent stability of this Content Management System (CMS) (information about Plone security could be found at:

LibreOffice And QA

It seemed the personal ressources for quality assurance in the LibreOffice project are not enough to even get all UI changes tested. There is an issue with not localized string in a user dialog of the Writer module. If you choose ‘Einfügen – Verzeichnis -Verzeichnis’ you will find in the dialog a drop down box for ‘Typ’, that includes only strings in the English language. And even the entry ‘Typ’ in front of the box is not localized.

Dialog Verzeichnis – Verzeichnis